Thank you to all of the Californians who voted this November to build a better state.

While Proposition 31 did not pass, we are encouraged and emboldened by the many volunteers, contributors and supporters who believe California's best days are ahead of her.

While not everyone agreed the solutions we offered in Proposition 31 were perfect - we have yet to find anyone that doesn't believe we can do better.

We have an opportunity to learn from the challenges we faced in this election, and move forward with lawmakers and California voters to develop solutions that will get California back on the right track.

We hope you'll join us in working towards positive change and reform in our state government.

The Proposition 31 Campaign Team

Why CA needs reform:

Require Performance Based Budgeting »

« Requires state and local government to identify goals, demonstrate how spending supports these goals, and publicly report results. Learn More »

Increase Government Transparency »

« Requires the legislative process be more transparent by requiring all bills – including the Budget Act – to be made public in advance of a final vote. the Legislature to review every state program at least once every five years during a new dedicated period of oversight. Learn More »

Control Government Spending »

« Requires major new programs and tax cuts costing $25 million or more to have a clearly identified funding source before they are enacted and mandates 5 year fiscal forecasts to allow for long term solutions. Learn More »

Create More Community-Driven Problem Solving »

« Encourages cities, counties, school districts, and special districts to work together on shared community goals through Strategic Action Plans. Learn More »


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Proposition 31 will lessen the state temptation to borrow and spend. Prop 31 provides incentives to local governments and community schools to focus on improving education and increasing public safety. YES on Proposition 31 is a yes for California schools and students.

- Hon. Delaine Eastin, former State Superintendent of Public Instruction

It’s time to shine a light on California’s budget process – no more multi-billion dollar deficit surprises. We need reforms that will work, not business as usual.

- Professor James Fishkin, Stanford University

Proposition 31 creates greater transparency, public review, and oversight over state and local government. This government accountability measure will protect environmental safeguards and worker protections while making sure taxpayers aren't taken advantage of by...

- Cruz Reynoso, California Supreme Court Justice (ret.)