Create More Community-Driven Problem Solving

To improve performance at the local level, communities will need more flexibility to tailor programs to meet local needs. Through "Community Strategic Action Plans," the proposal would give local governments the incentives and authority to design programs that work together to improve results. Cities, counties, school districts and special districts would identify common goals — such as improving outcomes for youth — and how they would coordinate actions to cost-effectively achieve them.

These plans also would identify state laws or regulations that prevent local governments from efficiently and effectively providing services, and include a local method for achieving the state objective. The proposal would also give local governments the ability to reallocate local sales and property taxes (other than those allocated to schools), and provide incentive funding from the state.

“Proposition 31 will lessen the state temptation to borrow and spend. Prop 31 provides incentives to local governments and community schools to focus on improving education and increasing public safety. YES on Proposition 31 is a yes for California schools and students.” – Hon. Delaine Eastin, former State Superintendent of Public Instruction