We Need to Fix California – Now.

Ask yourself: is California working, and are the decision makers in Sacramento accountable to you? Indeed, who are the decision makers in Sacramento? Is it our elected representatives, or special interests gaming the system?

We all know California faces big problems, and has for some time. The chronic deficits, poor performing schools and stagnant economy in California are the result of deep, systemic problems driven by a political process that rewards waste and demands no accountability from elected officials.

The key to saving California is fixing our broken government. We need state government to be responsive, smart, transparent, and accountable. Progress and success should be judged by results. State government should be innovative and cost-effective in improving our schools, our roads and public transit systems, our public safety services, and more.

Proposition 31 was crafted to achieve these objectives by a bipartisan group that included taxpayer advocates, environmental leaders, academics and community leaders who want to fix California.

Millions of Californians took a stand for a more transparent, responsible and effective government in California with Proposition 31. Please stay tuned for future developments in this effort.